Child abuse
Child Abuse 3.3 million kids die each year because of a certain abuse. The concern is 5-6 kids die each day as a result of child abuse or neglect. The problem is that parents or strangers keep abusing the children and its a negative thing because they are all bloody/bruised and its really sad. This is important to me because i don’t want a person abusing any child and don’t want them to get hurt and die because of that. For the hexagon i got a different color hexagon that's black and i cut a printing of a hand out and glued it on the hexagon and wrote on the hand “stop child abuse”, also i used a silver marker to write words down like “ bruises fade, but the pain, lasts forever...” , “stop child abuse”, and more. I choose the media because it goes with child abuse its sad, hurtful, physical injury, neglect all of the sad things and that's why i used sad and dark colors for this. Child abuse should stop and no child should be hurt again


Maggie R.
03/06/2013 6:10pm

I really liked the hand saying, "Stop Child Abuse." It really stands out, which would make people want to step up and end child abuse. I also liked that you did the black background with the silver words/phrases, that really is fun to look at!

Colleen H
03/07/2013 5:57pm

I really enjoyed your hexagon I learned so many new things I never knew! I didn't know that millions of children were being abused. I also really loved your hexagon, Using black as a background really made your hexagon bold and unique. Way to go! :)

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 10:34am

I think the hand was a good choice. It sends a very simple, but very powerful message.


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