America Fights Against

By: Joe P

Terrorism is a very widespread and devastating problem in the world. Terrorism took over 12,000 lives in 2011 and of those half are civilians and 755 were children. We need to save those lives by stopping terrorism. The world needs to stop this problem because it kills so many and scares many others. Stopping it is important to me because terrorism has threatened my country, America, and has made people scared. We need to end it so that Americans don’t have to be afraid anymore and save the lives of people that would be taken from people.I used colored pencils printed words, and an article off the internet.

For my hexagon, I used the colored pencils so I could make a American flag that would represent America trying to end terrorism. The printed words say stop terrorism now to show what I want done. The article shows how the issue has improved because it is about the killing of a horrible terrorist Osama Bin Laden.


Jack P.
03/11/2013 7:28pm

I really like how you made the back round of your hexagon the American Flag colors. It really emphasizes how we have to stop terrorism.

Filip P
03/11/2013 8:38pm

I like the way you have the words Stop Terrorism Now written and how the word Terrorism is diagonal. I also like your commentary and how you explained the problem of terrorism

Brendan C.
03/12/2013 12:55pm

Good jon Joe I really liked the artwork and what you chose to draw. I also really liked the commentary about terrorism.

Ms. Weiss
03/13/2013 11:02am

Joe, I think it was a great idea to include the article for the purpose of showing how the issue is improving.


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