By: Mackenzie D.
Child starvation is all around the world, in my hexagon I focused on one particular place, Africa. All around the world, thousands of children are dying each day because they don’t have food to eat. These children don’t have money, and can not get a job because they are under aged and not qualified. Children don’t have food because they don’t have any parents to take care of them. Or their parents don’t care because the kids are already dying of starvation. Other children in Africa don’t have proper places to get clean food or water so they get diseases.  Their country does not have the resources like our country does, and it only gets worse. This is why I did this topic for my hexagon, I wanted to draw awareness to how bad child starvation is around the world. This topic is important to me because it is really sad to see pictures of all these children with no food. After doing my research when I sit down to eat now I only take what I think I will eat.  It has been a good lesson for me. It is upsetting that more people are not doing anything to help the children. There are rich people with tons of money to spend, more money than one person could spend in a lifetime. The kids in the pictures on my hexagon are all begging for food, and you can actually count their ribs easily, which is really depressing. I chose those sad pictures to represent the real issue itself, and how this is actually happening to the children in Africa. I used rice and noodles to represent the organization that is helping the starving children in Africa, which is Feed My Starving Children. They make meals and bring them to Africa, and feed children and lots of other people. Also I used a blue back-round under the rice to represent the sea. I believe the choices I made while doing this project were good and I learned a lot about what is actually going on in the world that they don’t talk a lot about on the news. This is and probably always be one of the most significant, unresolved issues in the world.


Ms. Weiss
03/14/2013 8:50am

I think it is amazing that you are taking what you learned and applying it to your own life. Great job!

Maggie P
03/18/2013 7:35am

I liked how you used food in your hexagon to represent hunger.


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