Anna M.

People all over the world are bullied each day. Some kids get bullied so bad that it leads to suicide. These bullies need to be stopped. This booklet explains facts about how we can stop the bullies. To make my hexagon book I used  colored pencil and Sharpie. The colors I chose are colorful to represent that if we didn't have bullies our world would be more colorful. My pictures are to represent that the people bullied have a broken heart and a tear in their eye everyday. The words are to represent what we can do like help. WE can help the kids to have hope in their life. On the black and blue hexagon the black side has words that are bad and how bullying hurts then on the blue side it has words to explain how we can help and encouraging word to the kids bullied. To stop bullying we can join an organization to help inform people how to stop bullying. If


Carley W.
03/04/2013 1:34pm

I really like your hexagon. I also like the creative symbols you used to represent bullying. Great Job:)

Alicia C.
03/05/2013 8:06pm

You have lots of passion for stopping bulling and I think it show in your work. I like how how you wrote that the black side is the bulling and the blue is the side that uses words to help those bullied. I thought it was a creative idea.

Delaney H.
03/06/2013 6:25pm

I like how each smaller hexagon individually represents a problem involved with bullying.

Demi T.
03/12/2013 2:19pm

I love the soft colors that you used. It made an imapct on the art.

Stephanie P
03/18/2013 1:37pm

I love how there is one main thing that pops out in each of the small hexagons.


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