Meghan K
Pollution, it is a substance or thing that has a harmful or poisonous effect on the environment. Within the past 100 years pollution has become a worldwide issue. Air, animals, people, and water are just a few areas and things in the world that have been affected by the pollution. All of this equals up to one big unhealthy environment. Although this problem affects people’s health, humans are the ones causing pollution by littering, throwing away stuff in the garbage instead of recycling, and dumping oil into our oceans. We are factors in pollution. Not everyone is hurting the environment. Groups and organizations, such as Friends for Change are trying to make the world a healthier place. Groups like Friends for Change try to stop the deaths of animals that are caused by air, water and noise pollution. They also try to prevent diseases caused by pollution. This is important to me because I believe that if everyone was to join an organization or do little things like picking up trash we could make the world a better place!

My hexagon represents the what pollution is putting an affect on today. To make it I used dark blue paint, printed words, a drawn picture of smoke smogs, and cotton balls. I collaborated all of these together to make a dark background with a factory releasing pollution into the air. The words that are surrounding the hexagon represent what pollution is affecting. The reason why I used cotton balls was to that the clouds in the air symbolize how much pollution is being released into the air.


Alex V.
03/06/2013 1:52pm

Very cool! I like how you used the cotton balls as smoke.

Colleen H
03/11/2013 5:32pm

I really love your project! I loved how you used cotton balls it really helps shows what pollution looks like. The words you used helped me understand more about pollution. Way to go (:

MacKenzie D
03/14/2013 7:45pm

I really liked how you used colorful writing on your hexagon, it really stood out! Great job!

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 11:45am

Meghan, the cotton balls really does draw attention to how much pollution the world releases into the air daily- great job!


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