Ana C.

The world-wide significant issue, Human Rights, is a big concern that people often question about,  because some people in different parts of the world don't get the same rights as others. If you were to define the phrase "Human Rights", you would get "a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person". People don't always get those rights such as, sharing in what they believe in, saying who they want to be in life, saying what they want for others, etc. It isn't fair that people can't be their own person because our whole life we are told to stand out, be different, and do something to the world that nobody has done before; to inspire and do good. If we are told that, wouldn't it only be fair to accept others opinions and things they want to be? Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a dream for themselves, their family, friends and the rest of the world. We can all make a difference if we come together to accept each other for who and what they are, and respect what they want to become. The media I used to crate my hexagon were some paper scraps, paint, and art "stix". I created a world with different colors, shapes, sizes and physical differences between all the people. I wanted to show how that even though we are all different, we should all be respected the same and have the same rights because we are all human; and if we all come together we can defeat discrimination and create peace and happiness for each and every person striving to live their life the way they dream it to be.


Demi T.
03/12/2013 2:23pm

I liked how you put the people on the outside of the world and they were all connected. It really shows unity. Good Job!


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