Jack R.

                                        How the the homeless really feel

Homelessness is a big problem all over the world. This is a major issue because it limits how long people live and how they enjoy their life. For example, if they have to live outside in the rain it will make them unhappy. I feel that it is important to help them because it is one of the reasons so many people are dieing. In fact, there are over 100 million homeless people in the world. There are some organizations helping these people, such as, Habitat for Humanity, and every one needs a home. We have all seen that one homeless person in your neighborhood next time you see them think about what they go through everyday and try to help them, all you need to do is give them some change or just say “Hi”.
       For my hexagon I used  photos from the Internet, because it will accurately show what these people have to go through every day. I collaged the photos on my red board. The photos I used were sad photos of poor homeless people. Each photo has a powerful quote with it. These quotes are there to show how each person who is homeless feels compared to us. For example if we said I need a bigger closet, imagine how they feel without a closet. I also put a picture that says “ everyone should have a home” this is to show how a lot of people feel about this issue. Lastly I put a picture of California, because it is where the most homeless people are in the United States.


Ms. Weiss
03/08/2013 6:20am

I liked the way you used pictures to show what people who are homeless have to go through. Good job!


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