Rohit K.

Help starving children.

Child hunger is one of our worlds major problems, and children don’t deserve to suffer hunger while we all don’t suffer from hunger. People should help starving children because these hungry childrens have a future ahead of them, along with goals, but they can’t reach their goals, because they’re dying from starvation every single day. In Asia, almost 578 million children are children who suffer from starvation, and almost one third of those children die due to hunger. These children need food just as everyone else does, and you the people, should help lessen the deaths of child hunger.
Child hunger is important to me because I’m a teenager, and I feel bad because children my age, aren’t able to do things they want because of hunger. Child hunger is also important to me, because I feel children shouldn’t be living harsher lives than teenagers like us. I depicted my concern into my picture by using a statistic, that says “Every 3.6 seconds a person dies of hunger, 75% of them are children.”

Things I used: Colored pencils, sharpie, text, and shadowing.


02/26/2013 8:54am

You used great colors in your drawing and it really shows the importance of hunger. When you said every 3.6 secs someone dies you used red to show its importance.

02/26/2013 8:57am

Nice job Rohit! I like how you used statistics to really show how bad world hunger is

Nick T
02/27/2013 8:15am

I like how you put the facts on it. They help influence people to help fight against child hunger.

Michelle Ne.
02/27/2013 8:42am

I like how you mainly focused on how 75% of the people that die every 3.6 seconds are children. That really made the point come across that child hunger needs to be helped.

Kyle H
02/27/2013 9:03am

I like your hexagon and the number 75% and I like how it says feed my starving children sign and you have decorated very nice I like it very much.


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