Michael M

Genocide Cemetery

“Ethnic Cleansing”. “Greater Good”. These are

all words for the same tragic thing: genocide. It  

affects millions of people every day. This is

especially common in Africa and the middle east.

Some of the saddest parts of genocide are the mass graves.

Hundreds of bodies have been discovered in numerous

mass graves. These people are almost always innocent

civilians who have been slaughtered. Their bodies are

usually tossed carelessly in holes and abandoned.

But there is hope. Because of organizations like the Geneva

Convention, and NATO, genocide has decreased. There are

strict punishments for committing genocide. It is

still a big problem. Although we can never bring back those

who were killed in the Holocaust or Darfur genocides, we

can prevent further massacres by accepting each other’s

differences. It is important to me that we put an end to

genocide because everytime I look at the headlines

and see more deaths, I feel like a this world has become

a bit less hospitable.

The medias I chose were a pencil and gray and black markers.

I chose this media because it gives a feeling of sadness.

I drew pictures of graves to symbolize mass graves filled with

unknown bodies. The names of dictators and terrorists are

written around the edges.This shows the tyranny and death

that comes with genocide.


Ms. Weiss
03/19/2013 6:28am

You did a great job with this, but I wish you would have uploaded your picture so your classmates could have seen the powerful message that comes through in your hexagon.


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