Jared M.
The media I used to illustrate my ideas were meaningful pictures found on the
Internet that represent terrorism and the tragedy it has caused over many years.
  I chose this form of media because although it reminds people of sad times, the
quote makes them realize that terrorism is a truly terrible thing and we must
put a stop to it immediately.  Terrorism is an issue that is constantly
happening all around the world.  Many people have contributed, including an
organization known as the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, which
is an international partnership that is committed to implement a set of shared
nuclear security principles.  What this means is that this group of people are
trying to make places safer, such as airports, and prevent dangerous events from
occurring.  Preventing the issue of terrorism is important to me because if
places such as airports are safer, I will feel more confident about family
members who travel by plane often and I won’t have to worry about their lives
being threatened. 

    In my hexagon, I cut out a picture of smoke coming out of the twin towers
into a dove shape with flames in the background.  This symbolizes that terrorism
is in the past, and moving forward we should focus on world peace.  I also used
a quote and a picture of the planet to symbolize that the whole entire world
must unite as one and do something about this issue.

Douglas M.
03/13/2013 4:50pm

I like the pictures you used and the backround. Also, you explained everything so well. Great Job!

Ms. Weiss
03/14/2013 8:55am

I really was impressed by the symbolism of the dove. Nice job!

Jack R.
03/16/2013 10:51am

I liked how you added the smoke and fire to the backround


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