James R.

The name of my project is “solution” because I am representing how world hunger is getting better. The world wide significance of hunger is very great. Millions of people each day are affected because they don’t have anything to eat or they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. But groups like “Feed my Starving Children” are helping out because they are sending food such as Rice to many people in need of nutrition. It is important to me because going to “Feed my Starving Children” opened my eyes to the problem and I felt good to know that it is getting better.
The media I used to create my Hexagon was colored pencil and regular pencil, I chose this media because I felt that colored pencil would make a nice texture on the hexagon. What I did to symbolize the issue is that I put in two kids who are hungry and I put a bag of rice in the middle because that is what most people eat. I also used happy colors to symbolize how it is getting better.


Delaney H.
02/28/2013 6:24pm

I like how it say "End World" as it is coming out of the bag of rice. It really does look like a solution.

Kyle H
03/01/2013 8:39am

I liked when you put a lot of rice in feed my staving children and I like the hand and you have decorated it the best I like it very much.

Silvio I.
03/12/2013 5:54pm

World hunger is a very grave and pressing issue in this world and above all, but it is poverty itself that causes hunger in the first place. Nice job on your project.


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