Caroline H.

Child soldiers are children who are under 18 years old. They live and serve as soldiers mostly in Africa and other Third World countries. This is important issue to me because about 200,000 to 300,000 kids are serving as soldiers in wars. The children are being abducted at a young age and are forced to fight in the army. Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army and he is the one forcing these kids into doing terrible things.  Today,  there are organizations like the Invisible Children Inc. and Human Rights Watch that go to these countries and try to stop the use of child soldiers. These kids should be learning and playing with their friends not at war with weapons! For my hexagon, I had a collage of photos with a cardboard hand painted red to symbolize that child soldiers should be stopped. I chose the media I did because I wanted a child’s hand to show that children were at war. The hand also symbolizes a child soldiers organization.


02/27/2013 7:56am

I like how you made the red hand because it symbolizes stopping the issue very nicely!

02/27/2013 8:08am

I liked that you put all of the pictures around it to show what people this is happening to.

02/27/2013 8:13am

I like how you put pictures in the backround! It draws your attention!

02/27/2013 8:15am

I like how you put the hand and the soldier in the middle because it is saying stop child soldiers with out writing it!

02/27/2013 8:28am

I like how you put the hand in the middle with the soldier because it is very bold and you notice it first.

Michael A.
02/27/2013 8:35am

I like how you had the hand in the middle to stop the child Soldiers, and then the kids in the back really show how they are being abused

Michelle Ne.
02/27/2013 8:47am

Nice job Carol! You did an amazing job! The pictures in the background really got the point across on how sad this topic really is. I got very emotional ;)

Karieann P
03/02/2013 12:45pm

I really liked how you had the hand in the middle to draw attention to the viewers

Anna M
03/03/2013 4:55pm

I like the soldier in the hand. It makes It more meaningful .


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