By: Michael A.
The significance for this issue is that the dogs, and cats and other animals are being abused, and they are in a lot of pain. The dogs didn’t do anything, and don’t deserve to be treated that way. They are being trained to fight, and work harder than they should. They just want to be loved. This is important to me because I love animals, and I feel that the way they are being treated is completely unfair. Also I have a dog( who is a rescued dog), and I feel that if he was abused, that I would have to take him out of it. The media I used was Pencil, Sharpie, and metallic Marker. In my work, I used the dog as a showing point how the dogs and cats are abused for what they can’t do( such as dog fighting, and racing), and then the dog is in the cage, which has statistics about how animals are abused, and mistreated and thus the dog is in the “Cage of Hurt.”


02/26/2013 8:58am

I like how you drew the sad dog in such great detail. How you made the tears stick out really showed your point.

02/26/2013 9:00am

I like how your dog is sad because it shows how bad this problem is and how bad we have to fix it.

Sabrina P
02/26/2013 2:43pm

I like how you used the media very well, and that the dog is all caged up and it shows hows the dog has emotions too.

Oliver P.
02/27/2013 8:16am

I like the way you used the metallic marker to symbolize the fence.

02/27/2013 8:36am

I like how the way you depict animal abuse by showing a dog behind a fence, and making the dog look sad.

Delaney H.
02/28/2013 6:33pm

I like how instead of just using a general topic, you really focused on the problem of dog cruelty. Your point came across clearly, and was very informational.


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