Carolina P.

Millions of people are discriminated for their skin color or ethnicity. Most of racial abuse of slurs are in America. This is when one race of group believes that they are superior to another race group. This then may lead to violence or verbel abuse to many people living in the country. Racism has been in the world since as long as anyone could remember or that has been recorded. Many people have never tried to completely stop racism because they believe it is impossible. It has always been an issue in the world and still is. Racism will continue to be in the future if people in this generation and future generations don't learn to value everyones ethnicity, religious values, race, and skin color. Because after all no matter what skin color, we are all still human beings living in this world. 

My hexagon is supposed to represent that even though we all might have different colored skin and come from different parts of the world, we all still make up the world. The media I used to make my hexagon is a pencil, markers, a black sharpie, and colored pencils.


Michelle H.
03/15/2013 8:59am

I really like how you put the hands with the world in the background, it really explains how the world has racism. :)

Sammi M.
03/17/2013 5:38pm

I love how you created this! It's very telling and settles your point!

Hannah M.
03/18/2013 1:04pm

I like the earth in the background it looks nice.

Hannah T
03/19/2013 1:21pm

I love how you drew the hands!


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