The name of my Hexagon Project is End Hunger. It uses colored pencils and markers for the main colors, and on the plate is rice. The rice is the rice on the children's plate in Africa and above it, the sun is shining because they are happy they finally got food.The problem my Hexagon represents is world hunger. 17% of people in the world are considered starving. The problem is most prevalent in Africa. I feel bad for all of the people who are starving, and everyone should have the right to eat. Some programs that are helping with this problem are “Feed My Starving Children” and “Stop Hunger Now”. They help send food to places that are in need. 


elissa sassan
03/13/2013 1:05pm

I like how you told people about feed my staring children. I also like the colors you used.

Douglas M.
03/13/2013 4:53pm

Good work drawing this picture. Also, I totally agree we should end hunger. Nice work!

Veronica M
03/17/2013 7:48pm

I really what you did with the food in the plate. It made it look like it's real and made it pop out, Nice work!

Bryan L.
03/18/2013 1:16pm

It looks very cool and interesting and it shows good effort!

robert k.
03/18/2013 5:03pm

i liked it how you added details to your hexagon


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