Hannah M.

I picked endangered animals for my hexagon project because I love animals and I want more animals to be able to live in an environment that they will survive in. The significance of this topic is that there are many animal in the world that are endangered and they need help.  There are only a couple of foundations that are helping animals and I want there to be more.  This is important to me because animals should have a chance to live and not die because of their surroundings.  The media that I used for my hexagon was colored pencils and markers.  I chose this media because it is easy to work with and I like those certain media.  What I did on my hexagon to symbolize endangered animals was I drew some animals, and wrote in big letters help us and I said help us around the hexagon as a border.  I used bright colors in my project to get peoples attention and it made it pop out.


Mary Clare M.
03/19/2013 7:55am

I like how you used the animals in the letters.

Hanna T.
03/19/2013 8:32am

I liked how you used bright colors that would catch people's attention and have them realize endangered animals.

Arieana U
04/05/2013 7:13am

I liked how you used some animals, as the words, it would catch someones attention fast, and make them read it too. I also like, how it was basic, but really creative. Great job!


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