Drug Abuse
By Silvio. I.
The worldwide issue which my project concerns is Drug Abuse. It is not simply concerned to drugs themelves, for drugs will exist whether or not people abuse them. What my project reflects is the effect that drug abuse has upon the body and the mind. I wrote : "Poisoning both the mind and the body, drugs burn up one's spirit and extinguish life. The end of the journey is death. YOur body is numb, your thoughts are weak, you are degrading and falling into the Abys." These sentences are not meant to cause fear, but my words are meant to be an honet warning that describes what drug abuse does to one. Sadly this is an issue which has spread out across the entire world without exception. People in their thousands suffer from it, not always directly, although it is an issue which much like a cancer first weakens and then kills. Drugs will most clearly doestry a person, therefore I made small representations of the more comon types of drugs that are abused. It may not always be something ilegal, but the abuse of any drug, even if it is for medicinal porpose, damages the body, weakens the mind, and turns a human being into a shadow of one's self, That was the essence which I captured in my artwork. The media that I used was ink, read and white in a black backround. The reason for this was because those are rather dark colours, colours of death, red representing blood and pain, white representing bones and confusion, and black representing the eternal abyss which is the end of the journey for a drug abuser, for that is what drugs make one fall into. The ribbon which I drew symbolised a pledge against this cancer in our society. Drug abuse in my opinion i and will remain a cancer, and thereofe we mus cut it out before it spreads to the entire body.


michael m
03/18/2013 6:36pm

I liked how you gave examples of what drugs can do to a person.

Jennifer J.
03/18/2013 9:13pm

I thought that making the sign look like it was colored in blood was creative. You were really able to convey the message on how drugs have a negative effect on your whole body.


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