Douglas M.

Dog Fighting

over the world there is dog fighting going on. These innocent dogs are fighting
each other until death. The people that make them fight are doing this to make
money. After every dog
the dogs are scarred for life. Why do this to dogs, the most loveable thing in
the world? No animals at all should be treated like this. They make 20,000
dollars which is really not worth it to ruin a living things life. They should
just think about if they were the dogs. Dog vs. dog should not happen they
should be these loving animals, not trying to kill one another. There is a dog
fighting law called Humane Law Enforcement. Dog fighting is counted as a felony.
It is impossible to determine the percent of people that make the dogs fight
because it is illegal to do that.  I
used the pictures that I did because they explain my point of view. I put a red
circle around the dogs fighting to tell people not to have that happen. I used
pen to draw the paws because the color was blue. I wanted blue because it means
sad to me. It is important to me because I love animals. I do not like to see
them broken hearted. I also don’t want to see them really hurt.


Elissa sassan
03/13/2013 1:03pm

I like the way you are trying to stop dog fighting. I really like the words you did to describe why there is dog fighting going on in this world.

Ms. Weiss
03/14/2013 9:07am

Your writing really conveyed how important this issue is to you. Nice job!


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