Bryan L.                          Darfur Genocide

I used pictures from the internet, markers, construction paper, and my creative mind were used to bring this project alive.

I chose to do this to better represent what was happening because I’m not such  a good artist.

I chose to do blue and red on the sides because the blue is a peaceful color and the red is a powerful color showing that we have power, but no one has seemed to help and save their lives. 

I did the Darfur Genocide because it is a big issue and innocent people are being murdered because of the region they are from.

I did this work of art this way because it would better represent the violence and the torture that that these people are going through, they are being captured, trapped behind barbed wire fences and are being left for dead. Children should not go through this misery it is truly unfair.



Hanna T.
03/22/2013 10:35am

I liked how you set up the project and pictures and how you explained the symbolism of the background colors.


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