Lydia S.

Damage Was Done

On September 11, 2001, America experienced something that no one will ever forget. 3,000 lives lost, hundreds of families were ruined, and many many children were left without a parent. Sadness took over our country in a way that it never has before. 9/11 has completely changed the way our country looks at our safety.

My hexagon represents what 9/11 was about. I painted it red, white, and blue, to represent the American flag, to show that America was attacked. In the white section, I wrote only a few of the names of the thousands of people who died. In the middle of all the names I wrote September 11, 2001, to represent the day that it happened. In the red section, I wrote the two places where Al Queda attacked, Washington D.C., and New York City. Also in the red section, I wrote the different attacks, including the four flights that were hijacked, the Pentagon, and of course the Twin Towers. I also placed a picture looking over New York City, when the twin towers were hit by the plane, and the smoke coming out of the other tower. And finally, in the blue section, I wrote 3,000 gone on the top, to represent how many lives were lost on that. I placed a picture of the Pentagon in the center to show the some of the damage that was done. And lastly I wrote the words terror, scared, bravery, devastation, and damage. I used terror and scared because when 9/11 happened, our country was put into terror, and became very scared that this wouldn’t be the last attack on our country like this. I used the word bravery, because there were many brave firefighters and policemen that went to try and save the people that were in the airplanes, and the the towers and the Pentagon. Lastly, I used the words devastation and damage because on that day there was so much devastation that came over our country, and so much damage done to our country that no one will forget.


Jared M
03/13/2013 3:02pm

I think terrorism is definetly a problem that the world should be concerned about. Great job on the project Lyd

Ms. Weiss
03/14/2013 9:03am

Great use of words and facts! Nice job!

Meghana C.
03/14/2013 11:03am

I like how you wrote the names of people that died in the attack. Terrorism is a really big issue and i like how you choose to use 9/11 a really bad attack to represent it.

Jack R.
03/16/2013 10:53am

I like how you used the names of the people who died


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