Grace P

Come Together

Bullying is defined as, “The superior use of strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” This is a major issue in our society today because of how people are being affected by it. When kids are bullied it causes them to be emotionally down and makes them think badly about themselves. Many teen suicide deaths in our country come from bullying because the teens feel like there is no reason for them to live anymore. These situations must be stopped! People all around the world are trying to stop the effects of bullying by starting programs where kids can come and talk about what they are going through. There is a website called Do Something where they have campaigns for kids to talk with adults. Also, in my school they had a year that was just devoted to Rachel’s Challenge where someone comes in and talks about the shooting in Columbine in 1999. They talk about one of the girls who died in the shooting named Rachel and promote anti-bullying. I thought it was great way to show kids what happens when bullying occurs in our schools. Bullying is important to me because it frequently happens in schools. I think that school should be a safe place for kids to go and have fun and learn good things. But instead, for some kids, its a place they dread going to and are afraid of what might happen to them. 
The materials I used to create my hexagon were: colored pencils, paper, and Sharpie marker. I chose to hand-draw my hexagon because I wanted to make it my own work of art to show the importance of this issue. The title I chose was Come Together. I thought the title was very important to this hexagon because it symbolizes when people come together and see each other and the same, bullying won’t affect our world as much. I portrayed the hexagon as a STOP sign also to symbolize that we have to stop bullying. Phrases I wrote around the outside are:

“We all have a voice...”
“We are loved from the inside out!”
“Think before you act!”
“Don’t make life harder for people who already have a tough life...”
“Treat people the way you want to be treated!”
“Stick up for people even though its not considered ‘cool’...”
I included these quotes because it shows how people should act instead bullying someone or if being bullied by others. 


Morgan S.
03/10/2013 2:36pm

Omg I totally agree with this! I love how you added the quotes around the hexagon, I think it was a great touch to your project. Great job!

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 12:04pm

I really like how you used your own personal experience with Rachel's Challenge to illustrate how important this issue is.


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