Carley W.
Child Hunger

Child Hunger is happening all around the world. Many children are suffering each day and hardly any of them eat a full meal a day. This is causing children to die. In fact, approximately 16,000 children die everyday. About 183 million children weigh less then they should for their age due to hunger related issues. Child hunger is important to me because I am very fortunate to be able to get three full meals a day and a warm home to live in. I realized that many children do not get this, and I think that this should be stopped. To do this, the issue of child hunger should be made more aware in the world. Organizations like Feed My Starving Children, No Kid Hungry, and Feeding America are helping child hunger decrease.

The media I used to create my hexagon was sharpies, dried rice, and colored pencils. I used this media to bring bold colors to my hexagon so the viewers eyes will pop. To symbolize my issue I drew three hands holding a bowl with a globe in it to show that hunger is occurring everywhere in the world. Also, I drew three people holding hands showing how we can come together and make a difference. The words I used were every day, almost 16,000 children die of  hunger related causes. That means one child dies of hunger every five seconds. Stop child hunger!


Grant W.
03/04/2013 3:51pm

I liked how you used dried rice as part of your media. I also thought that it was creative how you drew a globe sitting in a bowl, which helped show how hunger is a world wide issue.

Maggie R.
03/06/2013 6:06pm

I really liked that you used the different flags to symbolize the universal hunger. Plus, it was really cool that you incorporated the fork, knife, and bowl, it really put child hunger into perspective.

Marco T
03/07/2013 4:14pm

I liked how you had some nice artistic pictures that really showed how hunger is a big thing in the world. Very great job!

Klaudia P
03/12/2013 4:08pm

I really liked your drawing i think its really good. I also like how you put rice on the hexagon and you want to help them. I think you did a really good job.

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 11:52am

Great job Carly! Your artwork really illustrates how important it is to try to stop hunger around the world.


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