Sarah G.
Child abuse is a problem all over the world. It affects children in all sorts of family situations and financial situations. Child abuse can happen to anyone anywhere. It is most prevalent in New Zealand. There are organizations all over that are trying to stop child abuse. Plus the government has laws against it. This problem is important to me because I know anyone can be affected by it. The background of my hexagon is painted to look like a bruise and it is supposed to show the pain an abused child goes through. The words in that background are feelings of an abused child. 


Hannah M.
03/18/2013 1:06pm

I like the words that you used to explain you topic.

michael m
03/18/2013 6:34pm

I liked how you used common phrases we all hear from bullies.

Mary Clare M.
03/19/2013 7:56am

I liked how the words really pop out of the background.


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