Emma D-  Child abuse is a serious problem. The children are being abused in many ways scaring them for a long time. This problem needs to stop because no one should be afraid to go home and see their parents or feel unwelcomed by their own family and in their house. The media I used to create this piece of art was markers and colored pencils. As you can see the picture is 2 kids holding hands in a field. That whole scene i thought would represent freedom and happiness since they’re smiling and not afraid. Also the words “Stop Child Abuse” is written twice. One in black and one in red. I chose those colors because i thought those were two really powerful colors for a really powerful issue.


02/26/2013 8:58am

I like how you showed to people holding hands, showing that we need to come together as one to get rid of child abuse. :)

02/26/2013 9:04am

I like how you show the two people coming together to represent how it can always get better! very inspirational(:

02/27/2013 8:04am

i like how on the two girls arms there is writing on it. It is really sad how much kids get abused :"(


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