Delaney H.

Here in America, we are sometimes unaware of the happenings going on all over our globe. That is why the woman in my hexagon is clearly represented on the earth. Her outline created by a black ink pen, and the earth is created by colored pencils. We take for granted the freedom we have in America. Women here can vote, pick their spouse, and are given the opportunity for an exceptional education. In many countries in the middle east, none of those options are available for women. That is why I used sharpie to boldly represent the good and bad things that are happening in the middle east. While many organizations, and people are taking a stand for women, even just telling one person about the status of women in the middle east could help. The thought of not having control over your own basic rights sickens me.  I hope that even a small project can in some way affect someone else, and create a chain reaction to help those in need.


James R.

The name of my project is “solution” because I am representing how world hunger is getting better. The world wide significance of hunger is very great. Millions of people each day are affected because they don’t have anything to eat or they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. But groups like “Feed my Starving Children” are helping out because they are sending food such as Rice to many people in need of nutrition. It is important to me because going to “Feed my Starving Children” opened my eyes to the problem and I felt good to know that it is getting better.
The media I used to create my Hexagon was colored pencil and regular pencil, I chose this media because I felt that colored pencil would make a nice texture on the hexagon. What I did to symbolize the issue is that I put in two kids who are hungry and I put a bag of rice in the middle because that is what most people eat. I also used happy colors to symbolize how it is getting better.

Demi T.

Bullying has always been a world-wide issue. Although we have done nothing to stop it, I think its time to start. Being a victim of bullying myself, I believe that it is time for people to open their eyes and see that this is not a perfect world. Children everywhere are getting bullied and looked down upon, yet we pass by thinking that nothing is wrong. Anyone can join NOH8, Champions Against Bullying and National Bullying Prevention which are clubs taking a stand to bullying. 

For my Booklet I used lots or markers and colored pencils because they make accents and they stand out. I drew Rachel Scott's "Chain Reaction" because it tells us that we should never judge people and "Start a Chain Reaction".  I also drew a cap and a school because most bullying happens in school. I also put many thoughts of mine into each hexagon as well. So lets all "Start a Chain Reaction" and STOP BULLYING.

Oliver P.

             My project represents soldiers not being able to come home from the war, even throughout the holidays. My image represents a soldier stuck on a plane that has landed at his home, and cannot get out because he is forced to serve his term in the war. I had chosen this subject because my cousin had been stuck in the war for many years, and was forced to stay there throughout the Holidays. When my cousin finally came home he told us how much he missed us, and was tired of missing all of the holidays.  The supplies I had used in my image were Pencil, Colored Pencils, Sharpie, and Charcoal.

   Michael F.
  My hexagon shows the healing of the heart in the middle. On the right side of the heart, there is a hand which symbolizes us and what we can do to help. On the left side of the heart there is medicine which symbolizes the items that we have made to save the people who are cursed with these diseases. The lines coming from the heart, hand, and the medicine symbolize the healing of the heart. The heart is representing heart disease which is the number one killer in the United states today. This is important to me because if any of my family members or friends got a disease like this, I would not stop to save their lives and cure their diseases. That is why we are curing the heart in my picture. My pictures uses mostly lines and cross hatching to make the heart. I also colored over with more than one color of colored pencils to make the letters and heart look shaded.

Aleena S.
My project targets the issue of child abuse. Every year 3.3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving nearly 6 million children (a report can include multiple children). The United States has the worst record in the industrialized nation – losing five children every day due to abuse-related deaths. This means that about 1,825 children die every year from child abuse in the US. These are all innocent children who did not deserve to die.

My hexagon represents the awareness of child abuse. The quotes in the background show how others talk about this topic, and want it to end. The material on top of the quotes shows how children have no rights and are trapped when abused. Finally, the ribbon shows that the abused children aren’t alone. Others think about them, and are willing to help. The materials i used for my hexagon were printer paper, a shiny blue coated paper, and a fish-net material.

Caroline H.

Child soldiers are children who are under 18 years old. They live and serve as soldiers mostly in Africa and other Third World countries. This is important issue to me because about 200,000 to 300,000 kids are serving as soldiers in wars. The children are being abducted at a young age and are forced to fight in the army. Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army and he is the one forcing these kids into doing terrible things.  Today,  there are organizations like the Invisible Children Inc. and Human Rights Watch that go to these countries and try to stop the use of child soldiers. These kids should be learning and playing with their friends not at war with weapons! For my hexagon, I had a collage of photos with a cardboard hand painted red to symbolize that child soldiers should be stopped. I chose the media I did because I wanted a child’s hand to show that children were at war. The hand also symbolizes a child soldiers organization.

By: Sabrina P
Homeless people is a big problem in the U.S and is spreading through the world.Were role models to some countries so if they see how we're behaving,then it will rub off them and then the whole world would be in worse trouble than it already is.This is truly important to me because i just feel like i need to help people.The poor need someone to take charge and care for them when they need it most..now.There starving to death,freezing and alone.Children aren't getting the education they need or the shelter to make them feel safe.Everyone on this world should care for another human being because sooner or later we will all become extinct.I want to make a change in this world and just by helping out at one food shelter can change a persons life forever.

The media that i chose was colored water pencil,paint and regular colored pencil.I chose this media because its made it look like it had color contrast.

by Kyle H - The Grevy Zebra is a protected endangered animal.  There are not many zebras around any more.  They do not have as much land as they used to.  We have to work together to make sure we don’t lose them forever.  This is important to me because they are my favorite animal in the world. To create the hexagon I used pencil, markers and a printed picture because I wanted to accurately show the zebra with a bright background.  On the striped half of the hexagon I showed the positive things being done to save the zebra population and on the black half of the hexagon I showed the things hurting the zebras or their land.

Eileen D.
Animal Abuse
This topic is significant because animals are dying when they shouldn’t be. People take their anger out on their animals all over the world. This results in pain and agony for these poor animals. 70% of animal abusers also have other criminal records and 32% of animal abuse is neglect or abandonment. Animals deserve an equal chance at survival as humans do. How would you feel to be abandoned or neglected? People are doing all they can to help these animals. Organizations like ASPCA and MSPCA collect money to benefit these animals. This topic is very important to me because my dog was abused as a puppy and the shelter rescued her. Who knows what could have happened to her if she wasn’t rescued. I’m so thankful for her as my dog. 
I used Sharpie for the words in the background because sharpies are bold and the words in the background are bold words that have a lot of meaning to them. I used watercolor pencil for the background in the cage to symbolize the darkness of animal abuse. Then I used regular color pencils for dog to really pop out the sadness in it’s eyes.