Stephanie P
The world wide significance of endangered animals is that people should be protecting animals instead of killing them. Some people are being very selfish about wanting the skins on the animals and with the elephants, people are wanting the ivory from their tusks to make jewelry and money. Protecting theses endangered species is very important to me because I love animals and also they are a big part of our lives. The media I chose was water colored pencils and glitter. I chose glitter as one of my media’s because it represents hope for these animals lives and I chose water colored pencils because it gives the picture a bold look. The animals that I used were a white tiger, a giraffe, a koala, an elephant, and a panda. I used these animals because they are the most common endangered animals on the continents.


Connor R.
03/02/2013 6:11pm

I liked how you put animals in the countries of the world.

Maddie Marx
03/03/2013 8:04am

I like the color chooses that you used and I also like how you added glitter

Anna M
03/03/2013 4:52pm

I like how on each continent you have an animal from somewhere in the continent.

Jessica S
03/06/2013 2:14pm

I really liked how you added in a variety of diffrent animals on your hexagon, I thought it really pulled your idea together. Good Job!:)

Demi T.
03/12/2013 2:21pm

I loved how you put a different animal on each continent.


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