Maddie S.
My subject is Animal Testing. I am passionate about this subject because it hurts so many things, not just the animals scientists are testig on, but people and the environment, too. It is illegal almost everywhere, but people do it regardless. More than 92% of the time, the tests that succeed on the animals do not on the humans. 
There are many tests that different animals go through. One kind of test is the irritancy test, In this test, scientists shove multiple kinds of chemicals in mice, rabbits, even puppies' eyes. They do this about everyday for 2 weeks. By the end of 2 weeks, 75% of the testing subjects will have died, and after collecting their data, scientists will be forced to put down the animals they have tested. Everyday, people around the world sign petitions, hold rallies and parades and do what every they can to go against this terrible form of abuse. 


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