Jenny S.

My research topic was animal cruelty. I chose this topic because it is an issue all around the world. Animal cruelty doesn't only happen in dogs and cats, but horses, livestock, and other types of animals. Around 64.5% of animal cruelty involve dogs, 18% involve cats, and 25% other animals. Different forms of animal cruelty include puppy mills, neglection, starvation, abuse, dog fighting, and animal hoarding. About 100 million animals a year are used for science experiments or research in a laboratory. Some organizations trying to prevent animal cruelty are ASPCA, the Humane Society, and the Buddy Foundation. I feel that these animals don't deserve to be treated so horribly since they did nothing wrong to us.

 The media I used to create my hexagon is sharpies, pens, and a hexagon board. I chose these things because it would make the image more bold. The dog represents one of many animals who have been neglected and forgotten about, such as this dog who is suffering from starvation. 


Jack Schoessling
03/07/2013 6:22pm

I like ho you put the time in to hand draw this because that takes a lot of wok.


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