Kevin G.

Today, terrorism is one of the world’s biggest issues, as it has taken the lives of thousands of innocent people, all to be blamed on people who believe in their faith so strongly that they seek to kill others who do not agree with them and even take their own lives in doing it. It is almost impossible to prevent an attack as well as predict where or when one will occur. I find this to be a major struggle in the word today. I have become frustrated because it seems that I can’t turn on a news broadcast anymore without hearing about multiple killings, whether it is a gun or a car bomb. I feel that all humans should be able to live in safety without having to worry about whether or not someone is looking to kill them today.

In my artwork, I used a collage of pictures that show various terrorist attacks such as 9/11, the Mumbai attacks, and the Oklahoma City bombings. I chose to use a collage because unlike words or one specific attack, it represents how there are a countless amount of attacks that occur so often, and on the other side of those attacks, there are living angels that take a stand to protest against terrorism. There are also the people who, during the tragic events, do everything they can to try and save as many lives as they can and try to clean up the mess that was made.

When an American hears the word “terrorist,” their mind might jump right to 9/11, and that is all. That should not be the case because there are so many attacks all the time, whether it is a car bombing in the middle east or a plane crashing into a building in America. The goal of the collage was to show that there are more attacks than one might think. The top half, however, was meant to show people how people are helping in the effort against terrorism, whether it is a protest or a fireman in the city of an attack.


Jack Schoessling
03/07/2013 6:23pm

I like the pictures of fire at the bottom because terrorism usually ends up as fire in attacks.

Nick S.
03/10/2013 10:51am

I like how you used the different examples of terrorist attacks to show what they do.

Ms. Weiss
03/15/2013 10:19am

I think it is great how you explained that terrorism goes beyond 9/11. Excellent work!

Ethan K
03/19/2013 8:46am

I liked how you mentioned that when we hear terrorism we think about 9/11 but thats not the only case of terrorism that there is.


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