The Amur Leopard lives in the mountains in Russia. Sadly they are at the brink of extinction. There are between 30-50 individuals left in the world. And they are still being hunted to this day. Save The Amur Leopard is about how these rare animals still need to be saved! The media I used was tempera paint to give it a shiny quality. I made the leopard behind icicles because the area that they live in has a lot snow     




    Starvation is a problem all over the world, about 15 million kids die from starvation. Starvation happens mostly in countries like India, Asia, Africa, and Haiti.But we can stop that by donating can foods and doing programs like Feed My Starving Children. My hexagon shows one plate with regular food that people eat almost everyday but on the other hand theres a plate with almost no food just a couple of oats and grains, and that shows that people who are starving would eat that plate with barely no food. So that tells you that the starving people do not eat as much as us. In my hexagon, I used paint to complete my hexagon. My issue is important to me because, im very grateful of what I have and also the poeple who are starving can’t do anything about it. So we can only do things to help them not starve anymore.

By:Maddie Marx
For my hexagon project I choose to go with the idea of pollution. On the hexagon I put one side being clean and wrote be apart of the solution to pollution! The other side of the hexagon is an ocean with oil spills and the land is not as clean as the other side. I also put a net that you would find in the sea that is apart of pollution. My hexagon shows what the world could be if we do not protect it and keep it clean. Pollution is affecting our world, animals, and ourselves. It is harming the  environment and it needs to stop!


Michael N
 The nature conservancy project

 In this hexagon I used pictures from the internet and colored pencils to complete
this project. I chose the pictures i did because I thought that they would go
good with the video i watched on how the cows are crossing through the water on
the farm and making it warmer than it should be for example the river used to be
a spawning grounds for salmon and ever since the cows started going through the
river it started to heat up so much that the salmon couldn’t spawn there any
more because it got so warm.

By: Jennifer J.

The topic I chose was animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is an issue that shouldn't be a problem in the world. It wouldn't be a major issue if  people learned to respect animals like they respect other people. Animals from all different species suffer from cruel treatment everyday.  They experience unnecessary pain whether it's from animal testing, animal fighting, or just inhumane abuse. I tried to convey in my hexagon that animals deserve to live on this planet as much as we humans think we do. Humans may be more intelligent in some aspects but that doesn't give us a right to treat animals like they lower than us. We have no right to degrade any other living organisms.           The media I used was tempera paint and special colored paper. I used the special colored paper to emphasize specific words, and the tempera paint to make the footprints more easier to see which animals they belong to. The shiny blue circle was to represent the water of the earth and the green footprints the land part of it. I arranged the green footprints so they formed the shape of some of the continents. The footprints belong to all different kinds of animals including human footprints. They were to represent that we all live on the same planet and it should be equally shared among us. We all make up the earth and have reasons to be on it, so no one has the privilege to take away your rights to be here.The wording around the earth was to show that we all are the same and have feelings. We can convey our feelings easily but for animals it's harder for them to show us how they feel. Many people believe because of that they can't feel emotions. I emphasized feelings with shiny silver paper to show that animals can feel pain and be hurt just like any other of us can. The world has noticed that animal cruelty is an inhumane thing to do and some try to prevent it, but the efforts they they put into it aren't enough to stop it. Animal abuse is inhumane and I believe we all need to learn that we should respect animals like we respect each other. If you were to put yourself in their place how would you feel? Animal cruelty may not seem like a major issue to some people, but I believe it needs to stop.  Animals don't deserve all the pain we put onto them and the world should understand that they aren't toys that we can just manipulate. I used rainbow paper to write out "Be Their Voice" which is located at the bottom of my hexagon. I wanted that to stand out to show that we need to stand up for these animals and be the voice that they lack. We should help convey their feelings to the world and try to help animal cruelty to occur less. I also added the water animals in the water area ,because those creatures also don't deserve to be treated any different from us. The world would be a better place if we all allowed each other to be happy, including animals. It is important to me because I believe the earth should be equally share among us, and that we have no reason to cause harm to helpless animals. We should be the ones to support them because we were given the ability to do so. I believe that we can overcome this depressing issue, and understand that we are all no different from each other and deserve to be respected.

Michael M

Genocide Cemetery

“Ethnic Cleansing”. “Greater Good”. These are

all words for the same tragic thing: genocide. It  

affects millions of people every day. This is

especially common in Africa and the middle east.

Some of the saddest parts of genocide are the mass graves.

Hundreds of bodies have been discovered in numerous

mass graves. These people are almost always innocent

civilians who have been slaughtered. Their bodies are

usually tossed carelessly in holes and abandoned.

But there is hope. Because of organizations like the Geneva

Convention, and NATO, genocide has decreased. There are

strict punishments for committing genocide. It is

still a big problem. Although we can never bring back those

who were killed in the Holocaust or Darfur genocides, we

can prevent further massacres by accepting each other’s

differences. It is important to me that we put an end to

genocide because everytime I look at the headlines

and see more deaths, I feel like a this world has become

a bit less hospitable.

The medias I chose were a pencil and gray and black markers.

I chose this media because it gives a feeling of sadness.

I drew pictures of graves to symbolize mass graves filled with

unknown bodies. The names of dictators and terrorists are

written around the edges.This shows the tyranny and death

that comes with genocide.

Bryan L.                          Darfur Genocide

I used pictures from the internet, markers, construction paper, and my creative mind were used to bring this project alive.

I chose to do this to better represent what was happening because I’m not such  a good artist.

I chose to do blue and red on the sides because the blue is a peaceful color and the red is a powerful color showing that we have power, but no one has seemed to help and save their lives. 

I did the Darfur Genocide because it is a big issue and innocent people are being murdered because of the region they are from.

I did this work of art this way because it would better represent the violence and the torture that that these people are going through, they are being captured, trapped behind barbed wire fences and are being left for dead. Children should not go through this misery it is truly unfair.


Matt O.

To make my hexagon I used a picture of a cross because many acts of terror are caused from different religious beliefs, a globe figure with flags and a map of the counties to show that even though we are different we are still united as one. I also used a picture of the new york skyline with beams of light shooting to sky where the twin towers once stood because it stands for our human ability to get back up when we are knocked down, and a dove coming out of an explosion to show that there will be peace eventually after all disputes. In the background i have several words running along it that all connect back to terrorism such as danger, global, targets, and dread. Finally i chose red as a background to stand for the bloodshed from numerous terror attacks.

Terrorism is one of the largest issues we face today. It has taken the lives of too many innocent people. The main reason people attack one another is because of religion. I think the problem with people today is they cannot accept people for who they are. Everyone is different and there will never be a time when everyone has the same beliefs. The reason this is important to me is because even though i have never personally affected by terrorism i could never imagine what it is like for people that have been affected by this.

The title of my artwork is called Why Poverty?

Did you know that 1 out of 6 people are affected by poverty? That means, 1 billion people are affected by poverty! That is way too many people! I put red cloth around the border because it represents the cloth they wear. I put a black ribbon in the center of the hexagon because that is the color of the poverty ribbon. One thing I think should be done to prevent poverty is to start an organization so people can go there to get help.

Hannah M.

I picked endangered animals for my hexagon project because I love animals and I want more animals to be able to live in an environment that they will survive in. The significance of this topic is that there are many animal in the world that are endangered and they need help.  There are only a couple of foundations that are helping animals and I want there to be more.  This is important to me because animals should have a chance to live and not die because of their surroundings.  The media that I used for my hexagon was colored pencils and markers.  I chose this media because it is easy to work with and I like those certain media.  What I did on my hexagon to symbolize endangered animals was I drew some animals, and wrote in big letters help us and I said help us around the hexagon as a border.  I used bright colors in my project to get peoples attention and it made it pop out.