Arieana U.
World Hunger

For my hexagon, I picked world hunger. I have picked this issue because, anyone who knows me, the true me, knows that I hate to see anyone suffer. For me, I hope that one day we can all take to count the time, and help out these people, who try to fight for each day, while we all get it handed to us. Each day. And to one day, help end world hunger would not only mean that all nations can agree on something, it means that all the people put aside their differences and looked at what can be changed. In my hexagon, I used markers, colored pencils, a sharpie, pictures of different foods, and words. The food within the hexagon, means, everything we get each day, but others suffer to get. The colors I picked, the blue for the top, is to be the sky, the blue sky that we see each day, and the others might see as their last because they end up passing that day due to starvation. It also is to help us, see what those people might also be thinking of, and that is why the words are in the bubbles, thought bubbles. The words in the picture of Africa, is the things they all would be saying to each other. What they might feel, what they might think, and finally, what they might say. As to black on the bottom, used with the markers, is to show that we need to step up to what is out there, take a risk. Share, and realize that we have it good. We are on the easy side of things, and it needs to change. We get food everyday. Whenever we are hungry we hungry we walk into our kitchen, and look around When the truth is, others may not be able to do that. At all. Its to show that we take our everyday lives, to advantage and we take our food, to that same spot. As of the words said on the hexagon, i hope that rings a bell, that how if we were to give them food, that it would bring a smile to their faces, to actually have them all feel that someone cares and is going to help out. That they can live another day, that they didn’t have to worry about food for that day. It would be a weight lifted off of the shoulders for almost everyone in Africa. I feel that this is issue, and can be closed down, if we all step up to the plate, and help out. Even in the littlest ways. We all can change this, but you have to start at the bottom, and work your way up.

Vince R
10/9/2012 06:38:23 am

I am glad you showed this in a happier way than it usually is

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 09:49:18 am

Ari, your comments were very well-written, and you artwork was very well thought out. Nice job!


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