Child abuse is a horrible world issue. So many kids each day are being mentally sexually and physically abused. Sometimes, for no reason. It makes me sick just thinking about  the horrible lives these kids live everyday. Not wanting to wake up and go to school, afraid to make any eye contact with people, not having enough courage to tell someone what horrendous things are happening to them. In 2010, 5+ kids would die EACH DAY due to child abuse. In 1998, it was 3.13. That is still a very high amount for child abuse deaths EACH DAY.

The media that I used to create my hexagon was google images. The picture with the blue ribbon is the color of child abuse awareness. In the picture with the kid who has black eyes show just some of the horrible outcomes of child abuse. The pictures of the kids crying symbolizes the kids that cry everyday because they are pushed around by their parents and even relatives.

I chose this issue because  I wanted to see the lives of kids who have been abused. Also, because I wanted to see how hard and terrible these people could be to kids.

Some charities that are helping child abuse are the joyful heart foundation, every child matters, dreamcatchers and child help. These are just some of the many organizations trying to put a stop to child abuse. Child abuse is wrong . It is just one of the many global issues around the world.
Hannah H

10/3/2012 03:24:22 pm

I like how you should a lot of different pictures on our hexagon.

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 08:44:25 pm

Hannah, your commentary was very well-written and you did a great job educating your classmates.


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