Aileen W.

 9/11 was a tragic event that shocked America. It was when the terrorist group Al Qaeda took over 2 airplanes and crashed them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. This was a horrible thing that should've never happened. What i used for my hexagon was colored pencils and markers. I also used cotton and colored in black, to represent the smoke coming out of the building. I chose use the markers to outline, then I used the colored pencils to color it in. I chose the cotton so I could bring the smoke to life on my hexagon. This is not just an American issue, but also a worldwide issue. I think that because other countries of the world fear terrorism just as we do. The U.S is doing a lot to prevent this issue. Airports have gotten very tight on what you can and can't bring on the plane, and also there body scan technology has gotten alot better. This issue is important to me because when 9/11 occurred, though i was too little to remember, I was still alive and I still feel strongly about this tragic event that killed many innocent people. I drew an American Flag in the background, then the Twin Towers in front of the flag. Then i glued the cotton coming out of the building to look like it was burning. I did all of these things in front of the American Flag because the buildings being hit was an American tragedy. I drew the smoke because in the picture i chose, there was smoke coming out of the building. Overall, I think this is a huge issue. 9/11 is one of the biggest most tragic events the U.S has ever experienced.

Mary M!
10/9/2012 09:13:07 am

Wow Aileen. This is just... GORGG! Good job girl!

Meghan S
10/9/2012 10:17:52 am

Good job girl! Lol, I love it! I like the smokey part!:)

Kelsey N
10/11/2012 09:56:41 am

Aileen this is amazing! I love the smoke coming out of the tower!!

Amanda Page
10/11/2012 11:29:11 am

Aileen this is so good! I love the smoke coming from the towers.

jimmy b
10/16/2012 06:24:42 am

o like the smoke

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 09:40:22 am

Aileen, you explanation was very well-written. I especially liked the way you described why this is personally important to you.

Carly Glassman
10/18/2012 10:01:03 pm

This is really good it really shows details! Great job!

10/20/2012 11:14:36 am

OMG I love it! Your project is amazing!!


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