Alex G.
Boom Boom Pow

      Violence is everywhere, in a household, in a pub, on a street, and in a battlefield. Violence is probably the biggest world issue. There is no way to stop violence. Violence can come from an argument and continue into the back alley with a police siren. About 18,000 people die of homicide a year in the United States a year alone. About 570,000 people die a year. About 32,000 people die of suicide a year in the united states and about 1.6 million a year. Can it ever be stopped? More local surveillances have been put up around big crime cities. Also the center for disease and control are preventing more cases of homicides and other acts of violence.
     What I did for my hexagon is show pictures such as Tupac and Biggie, bloody knuckles, fire, a bomb, a gun, arrows,spears, and swords. These are all simple facts of violence over the many years our earth has been around. I wrote words such as, cuts, bullies, suicide, war, riot, child abuse, fights, knives, battles, abuse, genocide, guns, terrorism, protest, argument and much more. these are all acts of violence but there is much more than just that. I used Google images for all my photos and the CDC for all of my statistics.
      About 1.6 million people die of homicide from the whole world, and 1 million people die of suicide a year. Thats 2.6 million people die annually just off suicide and homicide. There are many other disease and other types of death but for a human to kill another human is just brutal and unfair. I think if we all come together and protest we can make a difference in the world.

zach k.
10/8/2012 08:07:01 am

I liked how your background was multicolored!!!!!!!!!

Colin K.
10/8/2012 10:08:35 am

absolutely beautiful. I love the picture of Tupac.

Blake H
10/8/2012 11:29:40 am

I liked the way you put the different types of violence in the hexagon.


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