Ina P.

The Starving Children

    The media I used to make my hexagon was paper and markers. Starvation is important because there are many starving children in Africa. To solve this problem there are many organizations all over the world that help feed these children including the US. One of the organizations is Feed My Starving Children. They send food to many countries that have starving children and need food. There are also many other organizations that are sending food to hungry children. Like Help Feed Hungry Children, Help End Child Hunger, Help Fight World Hunger, Kids Against Hunger, and Feeding America's Hungry Children. I used darkers colors on my hexagon because the issue is sad. I also put pictures of sad and skinny kids that have no food, to show the conditions of how these people live and how sad this issue is.

Meghana C.
10/23/2012 09:02:06 pm

Ina, i realy liked how you used those pictures of the children they were really sad but they show how terrible it really is


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