Anna M. The Ones Left to Cry
My Hexagon focuses on Bullying. Bullying is a thing that affects over 1 million children each week. The background to my hexagon is light blue because I feel like it shows the sadness that the kids are feeling everyday. On my hexagon i have words around a girl crying. These words are things that happen to children such as teasing, kicking, gossiping, and hitting. The words around the edge of the hexagon are quotes used to help stop bullying. One quote is “Things might be stormy now but the rain can’t last forever.” This quote shows that there are things that can help people in the world. There are 70% of children that have to deal with some form of bullying. Weather it is cyber bullying of face to face bullying. 20 kids commit suicide every year because they are bullied so bad. These kids have a life to live ahead of them but they can’t because the 170,368 bullies in Illinois bullie them to death. The most bullying happens in the places where adults usually aren’t around. These places consist of behind stores, by dumpsters, in alleys, and in some hallways. Adults need to check or be in these places more to help stop bullying. Bullying can happen to anyone and can happen anywhere. Some organizations that are trying to stop bullying is dosomething.org. Dosomthing.org has an antibullying project. Also another one is Channel One. Channel One has made videos that the teachers can show the students to show them how bullying is affecting children all around the world.
      This subject is important to me because I want to help stop bullying. I think that no one should die because these kids are taking their anger out on other kids. I want to help stop the bullying in schools and anywhere. I have never been bullied but I see it in some places and I want to stop the bullying. I do sometimes stand up for these kids but I sometimes walk away. I wish I didn’t walk away so I will promise myself that I will stand up anytime bullying is going on. Will you try to stop bullying when you see it?    

10/4/2012 01:01:20 pm

this is sad but your colors really stand out and getting the word out about bullying.Good job

Rebecca M.
10/4/2012 07:23:23 pm

This is AMAZING, Anna. Your title really leaves an impression and is EXTREMELY good. I also like when you said "170,368 bullies in Illinois bully them to death. " It is a very strong statement and it's effective. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

Lexie :)
10/6/2012 09:06:03 am

Anna! This is soo good! It really makes people want to help make a difference!


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