Amanda Page

Stop Bullying

Bullying is described as repeated aggressive behavior used to hurt another person, either physically or mentally. This is a major issue in our society today because of the effects of it. Bullying can make kids feel worthless or useless, and sometimes it is so bad they want to commit suicide. I feel that it is important because it is only getting worse, and the amount of kids that have felt bullied is shocking. Statistics show that about 77 percent of students have admitted to being the victim of one type of bullying or another, and these numbers are only rising. Bullying needs to be stopped, and many organizations are doing things to help. But we need to step in too and take action to stop this. If you feel that someone or yourself is being bullied, do something about it to stop it. Whether its getting an adult or pulling them out of the situation, it can make a major impact on the person. Please help stop the billions or tears that have been shed from bullying, and take action to stop it today. 

My hexagon represents the tears shed from bullying, which is one of the effects of it. To make it, the materials I used were paint, markers, glitter glue, paper, pencils, and glue. What i drew was an eye crying, and for every tear drop I put some words that a bully might have said to make these tears happen in the first place. It shows that every tear shed was from something mean that a bully has said to made an effect on them. I put the glitter around the significant things in the hexagon to make them stand out. I also added a quote because I felt that it was inspirational and wise. 

Alyssa C.
10/22/2012 10:28:42 am

I really liked your drawing of an eye and tears, it represents bullying perfectly! I also thought your writing was great and that quote is so moving!!

Jennifer S
10/23/2012 01:32:39 am

I like how you used the words in the tear drops. The eye looks so realistic!


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