By: Agata P
Period 4 
One of the biggest problems in the world is starvation. This is such a negative situation because they don't have food and they cant afford it.  I chose this situation because I thought it was  probably  one of the biggest issue so i chose it. This problem is most prevalent in africa. 1,500 people die from hunger each year (5.6 seconds someone dies from hunger) People donate to Africa. There are websites. Like www.wateraidamerica.org Were you can help the africans. There are many websites as http://www.dosomething.org. They help by doing feed bag project. Progress has been made over time to improve this problem. They are helping by donating food to africa. They are making websites so other people can help.:) ...Agata Plociennik<3  

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10/25/2012 10:37:55 am

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