Sammi M.

There are 15 million children that die every year due to starvation alone. To create this hexagon project I used; picture from the internet, construction paper, and a sharpie. My pictures are either of happy or sad kids in Africa . One picture shows a logo for Feed my Starving Children. Feed my Starving Children is an organization that helps out kids all over the world . This isn’t the only organization but probably one of the ones that has had the biggest impact in the world.  This issue has been around way before 1985. Even with all the organizations that exist, the problem still occurs.

                On my hexagon it includes a quote and a statistic as well. The quote says “If you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one.”- Mother Teresa. Which basically means to always help the hungry. And the statistic says “ Every year 15 million children die from starvation.” This problem disgusts me to know that kids out there have hardly any fat on their bodies.  When I’m older or maybe soon I would love to help out the kids in need and try to put a stop to this occurring problem. I hope to see this problem decrease within my lifetime and I would like to at least have been apart of it to resolve it. 

Katy M
10/12/2012 03:58:33 am

Your hexagon looks great! I liked the way you included Mother Teresa's quote.

Natalie O
10/24/2012 02:02:17 pm

I like how you used real images to get your point across.


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