Save The Economy

Jack R.
My topic is the economy, and a lot of people in the world are concerned  about this topic because money is how you get the necessities you need to survive in the world. If your country is in debt than the company you are working for then can’t pay you the full amount, and if you don’t have that much money then you can’t get all the food and drinks you need to live your daily lives. People in America are suffering because our country is in debt, and people are living on very little money just to get by each day. The economy in each country needs to be stable because if the economy is in debt than the country can’t pay for their army, and if they can’t pay for their army than they will most likely lose a war with another country. The economy is a chain reaction for a country. If the economy fails then the government can’t pay the companies in their country. Then the companies can’t pay their employees and then the employees are poor and can’t survive with what they have. Overall if the economy goes in debt than the country can shut down and stop working. Right now in present time many countries are in serious debt including America.
For my hexagon I used paint, sharpie, and yarn. I used the yarn to represent the stock exchange arrow going to down. For the paint I used red and white and painted the American flag in the background. I painted the American flag in the background because it represented how America is in debt with the economy. For the stars I used blue sharpie to draw around them because it would in the background and it would stick out just as much as the paint would. I used green sharpie to draw money signs that say “help me” and “save me”. I chose the green sharpie because it would stick out from the paint.

I think that if the economy is in debt that country should do everything in its power to get its economy back to a stable number. I think what America is doing with it’s economy is good because if we can sell it to China, and China can help us pay them off. Overall my thought of the economy is keep it at a stable number because if you fall into debt then the whole country can shut down. Then the country can’t produce jobs, and money can’t go to the government.

Laura D.
10/8/2012 03:07:32 pm

I think your commentary is really convincing!

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 08:06:20 pm

Jack, great research! You not only depicted the issue wonderfully, but really educated your classmates!


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