Save the Earth

By: Leah C.

    My world issue is nature conservation.This is an important issue because if we ignore the fact that our earth is being polluted and damaged, it will become an unlivable place and everything will die.It shows that we should save our earth from flying away from our repair and being so polluted it is too far away to fix it. It also shows that cleaning it up can be a fun job for you and your friends plus the whole community.No matter where you are in the world, there is one form of pollution one way or another and people need to do their best to not litter and to pollute the earth as little as possible. For example if some of your friends are on your route to school, pick them up and carpool to school. If it is a really nice day you can ride your bikes to school or walk.Everyone in the world is affected by pollution, there is no way to avoid it, but some are more severely affected than others like China. We should all do our best to keep the earth clean and save our earth!     I used pop poms, shiny paper, colored pencils, and sharpies to make my project to show that this can be a fun thing to do in life and that makes a big difference in the earth.

Rebecca M.
10/3/2012 05:14:26 pm

I completely agree with this! Your artwork was REALLY REALLY ADORABLE!!!!! :D I love the little guy holding on to the balloons. He makes recycling and saving the earth look fun!

Nicole C.
10/18/2012 09:42:35 pm

I love your hexagon. The little guy holding the balloons is soooo cute! Your project really makes me want to recycle. Great job!


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