By Ben M
Some of the World’s most exotic and interesting species of animals are in deep trouble. There are hundreds of endangered species in the world, with about 500 hundred of them being in the United States alone. Most species become endangered because of poaching, habitat destruction, and over population of a species higher on the food chain. Endangered species that continue to be killed will eventually become extinct. You can’t save a species if it’s extinct. Imagine your grandchildren not knowing what a tiger is, for it became extinct 10 years earlier. That is why I feel strongly about this topic. I want the next generations of mankind to know what a polar bear is! Scientists study different animals to learn about ecosystems and what's happening to that ecosystem. If some animals are extinct in that ecosystem, the ecosystem will start to break down. Animals that the extinct animal killed to eat would now overpopulate. Animals that used to eat the extinct animal would now start to die off.In my artwork, I drew tiger stripes as the background to symbolize the endangered tiger. I also put the names of several endangered species to show how many animals are endangered. Some endangered animals you have probably never heard before. Before long, they will be long gone. HELP THE ENDANGERED SPECIES!!!!!

James R.
10/7/2012 01:30:06 pm

I liked how you used the tiger pattern for your background, it looks really cool.

Margaret M.
10/7/2012 03:03:02 pm

I like your background!

Lindsay P.
10/8/2012 11:16:18 am

The whole hexagon is really cool! I did endangered animals

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 08:05:40 pm

Ben, I liked how you stressed the importance of future generations seeing the animals that we can see now.


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