“Black or White”
Katherine N.

The media I used to create my hexagon is colored pencils, sharpie, and a little bit of paint.The world wide significance is that people are still getting left out of things for the color of their skin.  Also people are still being judged and might not get jobs because of the color of their skin.  The point is that people everyday are being harassed about the color of their skin or race.  Sometimes this is just a joke by your friends and you can laugh it off but sometimes if you laugh you are really hurt about the race of you and you want to be a different race.  Nobody should ever feel bad about what race/ color they are.  People should be proud of their race, and not have to deal with jokes being made about it.  In the world today there are 20,000,000 people affected by racism and maybe even more.  There is racism everywhere.  So many people are affected by it.  Some people that are trying to help are American Institute for Managing Diversity and Center for Equal Opportunity.This hexagon is important to me because if I was a different race then wouldn’t want people to make fun of me because I am the race I am.  You cannot change your race to make other people happy, and I think that people should not be made fun of because they are the way they are.In my art work hexagon I drew a white person and an african american person and used dark colors because I don’t think racism is a good thing.  I said racism should stop because I think that it is not right and it should be stopped.  I used the black and white circles around the edges because it is supposed to symbolize the different races.

Grace N.
10/2/2012 08:57:19 pm

I really liked the paint you used it made it stand out more! :)

10/3/2012 08:24:10 pm

I love your project Katherine! It really simbolizes Racisim and how it should be stopped. Good Job!(:

Bridget :)
10/4/2012 09:39:50 pm

I love your artwork! I really like the dotted border. I like the wording in your commentary. Way to go Katherine!!

Aileen W.
10/9/2012 09:18:21 pm

Omg! This is very good! I love the border with the black and white dots! Great job!

10/11/2012 07:58:55 pm

I love how the white in the bordering stands out! It makes it POP! :) Good job!


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