The subject of my hexagon was on racism. The images I thought of for the hexagon was back in the 1930s to the 1970s, which was the time period in which my photograph was captured. The media I used for for my hexagon was graphite pencils, Sharpie and chalk pastels. The reason why I chose this topic is because racism has been around from the B.C times, between a rivalry between the Ancient Greeks and Romans. This is still happening today, between all races. I think this is a problem today since there are many hate crimes between races. The quarter of the hexagon represents the different races, and an eye for each race to represent how the races view the other race.

                                                                          By: Hanna Tran
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Period 4


Rachel P.
2/27/2013 10:01:36 am

Hanna, I like you separate your hexagon into four groups, actually for different types of cultures. Showing the different kinds of people in the world, and showing that they are not any different than the rest of us. The eyes are really good!! I am really proud of you!! You have made a lot of process in the past years. Good Job!!


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