The topic that i am concerned about is animal abuse. My hexagon represents how child abuse needs to stop, there’s a puppy in fear of its owner. This is a negative example because it represents animals that are being abused/neglected by their owners. I chose this picture because it really fits into the topic of animal abuse. This issue is most common in Urban and Rural areas. 64.5% of animal abuse involved dogs, 18% involved cats & 25% involved other animals. 71% of domestic violence victims report that their abused targeted their animals. Each year 10,000 bull dogs die from being forced to fight in brutal animal fights. 1.13 million animals are used in animal testings & research, and that’s in the U.S alone. More than 2 million cats and dogs are killed so that designers can use their fur for clothing products. Some ways that you can help is volunteering at shelters or pet food banks in your community.

By: Natalie Opoka             The media I used to create this piece of artwork is pencils, colored pencils, and some sharpies. I call it “rice bowl”. I think its simple yet gets the point across. In the world, hunger kills more people than Aids, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. One in seven people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight. Asia and the Pacific region is home to half the world’s population and two thirds of the world’s hungry people. 65% of the world’s hungry live in only seven countries: India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia. There are many organizations that help these homeless. Feed my starving children, NAPS, UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, and bread for the world are just a few. I think the world should come together and help each other when we need help.
The reason i made my hexagon the way it is, is because I thought that this image is very strong and will help get the point across. The little boy has eaten in a long time so you can see his ribs. Then he gets a rice bowl from people who are trying to help. The rice bowl represents hope.I put the words feed my starving children on because 1; it’s an organization who is trying to help; and 2 because if people don’t know about the organization they will be pursued to look up way to help. The world’s hunger still is a big issue so people should take action.

By Silvio I.
2, 10, 2012 day, month, year,
World Hunger Hexagon Name:
Hunger and feeding the hungry
The media that I use as source in the creation of this project were http://www.shc.edu/theolibrary/hunger.htm, and http://www.partnership-africa.org/challenge-africa.

The underlying cause and importance that is connected with this issue is the fact the world hunger has been a continuing issue for hundreds of years and countless generations. Each day people suffer because they have not enough food to eat, each day one person dies of hunger related causes about every six seconds. This entire issue is something that has been continuing for so long and yet the problem of world hunger is not a matter of there being not enough food, but it is a matter of food distribution, much like certain regions of the world have plentiful food and other regions in world have a lack of food. Hunger is often caused by poverty, war, natural disasters and droughts that damage farming. The reason for my project’s image is because it does not show people in hunger but it shows children who wait to get food. It was my choice that the image should show the way that the world issue is being solved and even though there hasn’t been a solution to it ever before in the past, nonetheless more is being done now than has been done in the past. The background choice was green to symbolize the earth’s fertility and it’s nature. The importance to me is because I never before considered this issue before I made this presentation, I knew of world hunger, but the reality of it had not hit me before. It is an issue which children may not perhaps be exposed to and hopefully they will never in their lives experience it, but they must know and grasp the realities of the human world. Hunger is one of the many realities which people ignore unless they are to see it before them.

Stop World Hunger!
By: John G.

The world cares about world hunger because 578 million people die each year from hunger related deaths. Every 3.6 seconds a person dies from hunger, 75% of them are children. I think this issue is important because I don’t like people dieing from a problem that the world should fix.
I think the world should fix this problem from ending people in poverty and for the government try a new idea that can get people out of poverty.
For my work of art I showed the hungry children reaching out for food and a person holding a sign saying homeless and hungry please help. I also showed how kids are below the average weight because you can see their bones.The media I used was color pencils, two internet pictures, and a sharpie.

Kennedy C.
Police Brutality

I used markers, colored pencils, pencil, pen, and cardboard. Police brutality happens all over the world, but many people don’t know about it America. It happens often, I thought that it was an important issue to talk about. My art has a picture of a police man beating a protester. I used red next to the cop, to symbolize their anger and power. In his one hand, he is holding a baton. In the other, he his holding the words, “PEACE OF MIND.” I chose those words because many people lose their peace of mind and feel unsafe with this happening. At the top, I wrote: “TO SERVE AND PROTECT.” I wrote this because this is the goal of police, but it is obviously being contradicted. In the center of the words at the top there is a police badge with blood dripping off of it. This is supposed to represent the innocent people that the police were supposed to be helping, but instead the police beat.

  The global issue that I did for The Hexagon Project is child abuse. I think that child abuse goes under the category of children. The picture that I did for my project is gruesome and shows a child that got badly beaten up by her parents. This picture is a negative example because it represents what happens to a child when the parents abuse them. My picture fits into a scary and sad theme because it’s the reality of what can happen when parents take their anger out on their children. I chose this picture because it’s very sad and it represents that parents should never abuse their children. Massachusetts has the most child abuse than any other state. 3.3 million reports of child abuse has been reported.
     Gateway.org helps stop child abuse because they inform people facts about child abuse to let citizens know how serious of a global issue, world wide problem this is! They jot down small facts and tasks that average people  can do to make a difference and to help end this problem. Another website that helps end child abuse is freearts.org because they get to together and draw happy paintings and let out all their frustrated feelings. One way that progress has been made to help end child abuse is everychildmatters.org because they have a bunch of projects that you can get involved in that are against child abuse. 
    My hexagon is important to me because it shows that the world doesn’t have to have child abuse. My world wide wish is that child abuse will end and that the world will get together and make peace. Child abuse is when parents are frustrated so they take out their anger on their children. Children are innocent and little, they shouldn’t be afraid of coming home from school and getting yelled at and beaten. What I would like for my audience to see for my hexagon is that my message to everyone is to stop abusing their children. When the children are older, they will never forget getting abused and the memory will stick in their head. I put bubble letters on my hexagon so that it will stick out and people will get my message and know that my wish is to stop child abuse. 

Robert G.

We need to save the pandas. Everywhere in China pandas environment is being destroyed because of pollution. With all of their pollution producing goods it hurts pandas environment which causes pandas to die. It is an important issue to me because if we don’t give them the help they need they will become extinct. My hexagon shows a Panda in the wild. The Panda is endangered because of the pollution China has producing all of their goods. The pollution gets into the Pandas enviroment which causes them to die. I used pencil and pictures from google to create my hexagon.

Kiara N.
“Water Ruined”

I used illustration board, colored pencils, markers and tissue paper for my hexagon.

Oil spills have injured and killed many animals in the ocean. To me, it is important to stop oil spills because there aren’t many sea animals and oil spills are killing them. I used blue tissue paper to represent the water. The oil is dripping off of the letters. It shows that all the oil is in the water. I drew a dolphin to show what kinds of animals are affected by oil spills. The animals affected are sea turtles, birds and many sea mammals. If we don’t stop oil spills, many of these animals will continue to die.

The Mirror Image

By: Zach G.

Terrorism is a terrible thing to even have to have exist. In my project, I have two of the same buildings. One where the building is up in flames, and I put a red circle with a cross going through it showing that this should never  happen anywhere. Then on the “mirror” image, it is what should be happening, with no explosion and no threats. There should be no planes crashing into buildings, there should be no car bombs, there should be any threatening anything! Its crazy is that hundreds of people die because of one person finding ok killing other innocent people, but it is not even close to being just ok, it is terrible. It concerns people around the world by having people might think that they might die on there next plane ride or someone might have planted a hidden bomb. NO! This shouldn’t be for anyone.

Be the Solution to Pollution 
By: Bridget Robertson 
I used lots of different materials and art tools to create my hexagon. I used real sticks from nature for the tree bark,, and to border the Present side, I used a silky light blue material to embody a Waterfall. On the Future side I used dirty cotton balls. I dirtied them with real dirt, I used lead from a pencil to add a dreary feeling to my piece. I want the viewer to visualise that pollution will be a big issue to not only ourselves but to nature. I want the future generations to be able to experience all the beauty nature has to offer. This issue has a very big impact on every individual. This affects me because I want my children and my children’s children to be able to have the same opportunities that we do now. I used dirty cotton balls to show the overwhelming amount of air pollutants that big corporations are pouring into the troposphere and beyond. I used a silky blue material to symbolize a waterfall. I think that waterfalls are so beautiful and they should be preserved. I used real sticks to show that nature is still real but eventually it won’t. We need to embrace it while we have it.

You can do little things everyday to help stop pollution. Turn off water when you are brushing your teeth, recycle, don’t litter. There are so many ways that we can help improve the environment little ways everyday. We have the power to change our future!