Adeline D.
In the world there are many wars going on, and they affect many people.  These people include the people who are fighting in the war, and the people who live where the wars are taking place.  In the future, we should be able to have minimal wars and try to get along with others as well as we can, because then we may be able to achieve some world peace.  This is important because if people in the world aren’t getting along, there will be more violence and less kindness.  This hexagon, it represents the war that is going on, and the peace we can together try to achieve.  The Earth symbolizes all of the people who live there who are affected by war, are the starters of war, and even the people who want world peace and are trying to create it.  To create this, I used metallic paper as my background, Sharpie to write World Peace and draw my symbols of war and peace.  Also, I used blue and green paint, and applied it with paint brushes.  Then, I glued the metallic paper down to the cardboard.

10/9/2012 03:37:14 pm

I think your issue is good and should be addressed more often

10/9/2012 10:28:06 pm

I really liked how well your art work fit together with your issue. Especially the erth in the middle which represented the issue perfectly.

Alicia C
10/12/2012 12:41:10 pm

I really liked how you had the tank in the middle of the Earth. I also thought the sliver paper was a nice touch.

jimmy b
10/16/2012 03:25:54 pm

i like the subject

Demi T.
10/19/2012 09:34:54 am

i like the reflective paper


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