One world: stop animal cruelty

By: Hannah U

My hexagon demonstrates animal cruelty and how it should be stopped as soon as possible. These animal literally have done nothing to deserve this terrible treatment. There can be as many as 50 ways to be beaten! that is horrible that people even think of doing these sick beatings. Lets try to get that number down to 0, we can succeed this by working together, keeping our hearts close, and knowing the relationship close between animals and people. some very good websites there are on the internet are http://dosomething.org and http://gysd.org/about. dosomething.org actually has the ability for helpful people to build your own campaign to stop animal abuse. I feel super bad for all the poor precious animals that did nothing to be treated this way! In my hexagon, I have a background of many different animal skins. (Zebra, snake, cheetah, giraffe, tiger). I also had a collage of the animals that have been treated in such a bad way, and in the middle I put a quote that explains everything! STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

Isabella M.
10/3/2012 04:08:26 am

I love how you made the background animal prints

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 11:41:53 am

Hannah, very powerful pictures!


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