By Silvio I.
2, 10, 2012 day, month, year,
World Hunger Hexagon Name:
Hunger and feeding the hungry
The media that I use as source in the creation of this project were http://www.shc.edu/theolibrary/hunger.htm, and http://www.partnership-africa.org/challenge-africa.

The underlying cause and importance that is connected with this issue is the fact the world hunger has been a continuing issue for hundreds of years and countless generations. Each day people suffer because they have not enough food to eat, each day one person dies of hunger related causes about every six seconds. This entire issue is something that has been continuing for so long and yet the problem of world hunger is not a matter of there being not enough food, but it is a matter of food distribution, much like certain regions of the world have plentiful food and other regions in world have a lack of food. Hunger is often caused by poverty, war, natural disasters and droughts that damage farming. The reason for my project’s image is because it does not show people in hunger but it shows children who wait to get food. It was my choice that the image should show the way that the world issue is being solved and even though there hasn’t been a solution to it ever before in the past, nonetheless more is being done now than has been done in the past. The background choice was green to symbolize the earth’s fertility and it’s nature. The importance to me is because I never before considered this issue before I made this presentation, I knew of world hunger, but the reality of it had not hit me before. It is an issue which children may not perhaps be exposed to and hopefully they will never in their lives experience it, but they must know and grasp the realities of the human world. Hunger is one of the many realities which people ignore unless they are to see it before them.

Claire O'.
10/23/2012 01:37:41 am

good job silvs!(short for silvio)

ethan k
10/23/2012 09:29:38 am

nice picture silvio it shows the problem perfecly

Veronica M
10/23/2012 01:23:45 pm

I like your picture


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