The global issue that I did for The Hexagon Project is child abuse. I think that child abuse goes under the category of children. The picture that I did for my project is gruesome and shows a child that got badly beaten up by her parents. This picture is a negative example because it represents what happens to a child when the parents abuse them. My picture fits into a scary and sad theme because it’s the reality of what can happen when parents take their anger out on their children. I chose this picture because it’s very sad and it represents that parents should never abuse their children. Massachusetts has the most child abuse than any other state. 3.3 million reports of child abuse has been reported.
     Gateway.org helps stop child abuse because they inform people facts about child abuse to let citizens know how serious of a global issue, world wide problem this is! They jot down small facts and tasks that average people  can do to make a difference and to help end this problem. Another website that helps end child abuse is freearts.org because they get to together and draw happy paintings and let out all their frustrated feelings. One way that progress has been made to help end child abuse is everychildmatters.org because they have a bunch of projects that you can get involved in that are against child abuse. 
    My hexagon is important to me because it shows that the world doesn’t have to have child abuse. My world wide wish is that child abuse will end and that the world will get together and make peace. Child abuse is when parents are frustrated so they take out their anger on their children. Children are innocent and little, they shouldn’t be afraid of coming home from school and getting yelled at and beaten. What I would like for my audience to see for my hexagon is that my message to everyone is to stop abusing their children. When the children are older, they will never forget getting abused and the memory will stick in their head. I put bubble letters on my hexagon so that it will stick out and people will get my message and know that my wish is to stop child abuse. 

silvio icka
10/23/2012 01:08:09 am

I am a bit unsure what to say but I weal that your project seems to give an accurate idea of what Child abuse is. Your choice of showing the abuser as a darkened figure, and only being viewed as a shadow was perhaps what seems to draw one into the image and look straight at it while in the real world people might not necessarily notice.

Claire O'.
10/23/2012 01:39:35 am

thanks silvinator!


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