Roanan O.
Stop endangerment
I used images from the internet, and paint.This problem could affect the ego system of many different countries and places, because this issue is prevalent everywhere. This is important to me because I am passionate about animals, and want to help them.In my piece of art work, I put a few different types of endangered animals on it. I also put it on a darker coloured background so that the images would pop more, and so that it would create a more thoughtful mood. I feel that this is important because if the order of the food chain for example got messed up do to endangerment, it could make the population of other animals change greatly. This can be changed, if more people were convinced to help this issue, but unfortunately most do not see the significance of it.

Mike S.
10/9/2012 08:06:21 pm

I like the pictures you chose to demonstrate this issue.

ethan k
10/23/2012 07:06:47 pm

this makes me realize the signifigants of this problem

Scott G.
10/23/2012 08:14:37 pm

The way that you represented this issue really shows what needs to be done.


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